Opportunities for Former Military

You’ve already served your Country and community in uniform—continue to serve your community as a member of our qualified team of insurance and financial professionals. ?New York Life Insurance Company is looking for talented professionals to join our ranks in sales and sales management positions. The discipline, drive and leadership qualities you developed and displayed during your military service make this career an ideal fit.

You don’t need previous experience in the financial industry to succeed in this career. Our top-notch, career-long training program will provide you with the foundation you need to hone your skills and serve your community. You will have the support of a Fortune 100 company behind you, providing guidance, mentors, consultants, and marketing and sales resources.??As an insurance and financial professional, you will be able to take pride in the fact that you are continuing to make a difference in the lives of others by helping your clients build a more secure future for their families.

Isn’t It Time That You Joined Our Ranks?

Like the military, as a member of New York Life, you will be joining an organization that has solid core beliefs and values integrity, rewards hard work and enjoys a long history of accountability and achievement. In fact, we’ve been protecting America’s families and honoring our obligations since 1845.

What a Career with New York Life Offers You.

As a member of our team, you will enjoy a host of competitive advantages and benefits:

- Significant income potential, driven by you
- Substantial benefits, including a defined benefits pension plan1
- Comprehensive and ongoing professional training and development
? - State-of-the-art marketing and sales solutions
? - A vast array of highly competitive insurance and financial products
- Promotable opportunities into the ranks of Management

We’re looking for people who possess the following characteristics:

- Highly self-motivated and self-disciplined with the ability to work effectively with little or no supervision
- Outgoing personality with the ability to develop relationships (i.e., “People Person") and a sincere desire to help others
- Fearless, positive attitude and willingness to be accountable for results
- Organized, detail-oriented and excellent time-management skills
- Desire for continuous learning
- Good communicator—excellent listening skills and ability to explain complex information in a simple and concise manner
- College degree preferred, military service 3+ years accepted

Be proud to join our ranks.

Carol Goff,
Lt. Col. in the Air Force

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Tony Pao

Read Tony's Bio

Guillermo Rodriguez, LUTCF
Army combat engineer and specialist

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Many of our employees have served their country with distinction. Why not take the steps now to become a part of this great legacy? To learn more about how to become an Agent contact Jeannie Santiago at jsantiago0a@ft.newyorklife.com and or (212)669-1674.
1 Certain eligibility requirements apply. Monthly payments are determined by your pensionable earnings, years of service, age, and the form of payment you choose.
New York Life Insurance Company EOE M/F/D/V/SO
?1711877 (Exp. 4/29/2018)


Carol Goff

W hen asked why high-performing military people usually make great agents, Carol V. Goff, a retired Lt. Col. in the United States Air Force and partner in New York Life’s San Antonio office, replies, “The Air Force’s core values are integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. That describes the best New York Life agents as well. In the military, we’re always positioning ourselves for promotion and advancement; we’re driven to success, self-disciplined, and ambitious. All that training helped me in my transition to New York Life Insurance Company.” Goff’s military training also helped her transition from an agent into the management role. “As an officer, not only do you have a mission to accomplish, but your role is to manage resources and lead people. As a leader, I was charged to motivate, train, and develop young officers for successful careers in the Air Force. My current role is no different, and I enjoy using my 20 years of experience in this industry.

“The biggest challenge for me was realizing that I needed to take off the rank, be humble, and learn this business from people who know what they’re doing. As I continue to progress, I will continue to be humble and learn as much as I can from successful leaders.” Goff’s focus these days is recruiting, which gives her the opportunity to showcase the skills, traits, and abilities she developed while in the Air Force—identifying, training, and developing talent. Goff shares what she says to veterans considering New York Life: “I look them in the eye and tell them it’s a great second career, and that they already have the skills and abilities they need that will drive them to success in this business.”


Tony Pao

If you were a good soldier or airman, you’ll make a good life insurance agent,” says Tony Pao, partner in the Orlando office. ”It’s the discipline. I’m not saying all former military will make good agents, but the ones who did well in the military—who progressed through the ranks, who made a career out of it, and left because they did their time or were discharged for medical reasons—those are the types with the mentality to succeed in this kind of business.”

Pao continues, “In the military, we’re given a set of marching orders. We know what our objectives are, we know what we’ve got to do to accomplish them, we go after it, get it done, and report back—no ifs, ands, or buts. It’s kind of a lead, follow, or get out of my way type of thing. There’s really no difference between the military and New York Life, except in the military you’re protecting our country. At New York Life, you’re providing security and protecting the financial safety of the community you serve. That’s why I believe certain military personnel do well, especially senior noncommissioned officers (NCOs) and company-grade officers.

“They’re used to managing a group of people, running their own shop, and doing a lot themselves. If you were active duty military and a good soldier or airman—you got great reviews, you were dedicated, you’ve got discipline, and you’re driven—then being a New York Life agent is very similar, and chances are you will make a good life insurance agent, financial professional, and hopefully, if you meet the qualifications, manager.”


Guillermo Rodriguez, LUTCF

Former US Army combat engineer and specialist and current New York Life Agent, Guillermo Rodriguez, LUTCF, Long Island office, puts it this way: “In the military, we were given a lot of responsibility at a young age. We were accountable for lives, budgets, expensive equipment, our performance, and results. We were taught to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals, to learn and adapt quickly, to appreciate diversity and work as a team, to handle stress, tight deadlines, and perform well under pressure.”

Rodriguez continues, “As New York Life Agents, we meet many challenges and obstacles and have to interact with different personalities and many times sacrifice personal time to accomplish our goals. In the military, we did these types of things on a daily basis. It is these things we learned in the military that help to make us better Agents and managers.”